On-Stage Game Show Productions Presented By Ultimate Game Show®

Ultimate Game Show provides on-stage game show production at corporate event.

Ultimate Game Show Puts Your People Center Stage

On this page we are talking about your traditional game show. In this type of program you have a small number of contestants on-stage playing the game while the remainder of your group are the audience. We present this style of game show frequently, but our most popular shows combine an on-stage show with our audience response keypads. This combination approach provides you the best of both worlds… a flashy Hollywood-style game show AND total participation! Either way, keep reading to learn more about what we’ll bring to the stage for your event.We will spend a lot of time talking about the equipment since that’s what most people are interested in, but please understand that the most valuable asset we have is our 20+ years of game show production and hosting experience. Trust us when we say we have seen and tried it all! We know what obstacles must be avoided so that your program will  be a tremendous success and NOT lose the attention of your group.

For our on-stage game show productions we utilize state-of-the-art game show equipment much of which we’ve heavily customized or had built exclusively for us, which ensures that you are getting the most technologically advanced systems available. Our on-stage game show systems feature:

  • Lock-Out Buttons: know who rang in first with our bullet proof electronics
  • Digital Scoring: everyone will know the score with your LED score displays
  • Unrivaled Game Software: when it came to creating our proprietary game software, we went straight to the same developers that the real TV game shows use, guaranteeing you a true Hollywood-style on-stage game
  • Talented Hosts: our in-house hosts have presented more corporate game shows than anyone! Their quick wit and professionalism ensure that your group will love the game show program we present. And our hosts are 100% G-rated, and will NEVER say anything inappropriate.
  • Skilled Game Techs: These are the wizards behind the curtain! Our game technicians spend countless hours rehearsing with our game show hosts to perfect their timing and the game software’s interaction with the on-stage host.

Because we are a full-time game show production company, Ultimate Game Show® owns not one, but seven completely different game show podium and keypad systems. Having this arsenal of equipment allows us to perfectly match each client’s needs. These systems operate independently or in unison, and each lends itself to specific types of events and/or game formats.

And since every event we do is completely customized, it is impossible to describe everything that we’re capable of here on the website. But the bottom line is that when it comes to game shows, if you can think it, we can deliver it. We typically only provide the game show elements and talent, however we can satisfy all of your A/V, staging, lighting and set design requirements through our phenomenal group of production partners. Call for more details.

Often you can enhance your guest’s game show experience with one of our Additional Option and Upgrades. And with our Souvenir Photo/Lead Capture Marketing Event Add-On, you will give participants a branded gift while capturing their contact data.