Audience Response Keypad Game Shows presented by Ultimate Game Show®

Everyone can get in on the action with wireless audience response keypads.

The Ultimate Game Show® design team has created several exiting game shows utilizing ONLY our audience response keypads. These audience response keypad game shows have no on-stage presence other than the host. All of the participation takes place in the audience, with everyone playing along using their wireless keypad. We can set up the game so that participants are competing individually or as part of a team, where our software is calculating each team’s average response to the questions.

We are extremely excited to offer our customers game shows that utilize wireless keypad technology. By incorporating our versatile wireless response keypads into our game show productions, not only do you get total participation, but each audience member’s individual responses can be tracked. These are similar to the keypads used to poll the audience on hit TV shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ®, Last Comic Standing ® and America’s Got Talent ®.  And rest assured, we use the same state-of-the-art keypads that those TV shows use. We NEVER use those cheap credit card style remotes! We’ve seen too many failures in high-profile situations to trust your event to that low-end technology.

While these keypad only game shows are a blast, we should tell you that probably 90% of the time we present these games as qualifying rounds to bring contestants up on-stage. This gives you the best of both worlds – total participation and the flash of a Hollywood-style game show. We have a variety of on-stage game formats that we’ve integrated seamlessly with our audience response keypads, including recreations of several popular TV game shows.

Key benefits of using an Audience Response system:

  • Everyone is responding, so everyone is involved.
  • You get immediate feedback after every question.
  • After a program, you can analyze reports detailing how each participant answered each question.

Utilizing cutting-edge wireless technology, Ultimate Game Show can help you reach your training and communication goals in a cost effective manner. We will assist in all aspects of your game show production, so all you will need to do is set back and enjoy the presentation.

Please understand that the technology itself isn’t enough to make for a successful game show. In fact, in the hands of an inexperienced host, this type of game will likely fail. But not to worry! Our hosts and event planning staff have mastered the formula necessary to successfully engage the group from their seats without them becoming complacent. You will also keep your entire audience involved and interested as you drive home your important messages and get their input and feedback as they play one of our exciting game shows. Studies have proven that training groups that are engaged in game show based learning retain more than 30% more than groups who were taught with standard PowerPoint slides.

Click here to see a video clip of Ultimate Game Show’s Audience Response Wireless Keypads at an employee  training session where we utilized them as part of a game show.

Audience Response Keypads Available For Non-Game Show Applications

With our keypads in their hands, you’ll know what’s on their minds.

Non-Game Show Events can still take advantage of our Audience Response Keypad System.

Besides our assortment of game show formats that utilize audience response keypads, we can also provide non-game show ARS services for your meeting. We get it, not everyone wants a game show, but they are still interested in the benefits that these keypads provide. So we offer you Ultimate Audience Response, a cost effective audience response system (ARS) service for those not interested in having a game show at their event.

Nothing ensures the success of a meeting greater than the involvement of each and every attendee. This is where Ultimate Audience Response™comes in. We will put a wireless keypad in the hands of every attendee, whether your group has 20, 200, 2000 or 20,000 people. Ultimate Audience Response™ is extremely excited to offer our customers cost effective audience response wireless keypad technology. Whether you’re planning a sales meeting, a product launch, a training seminar, or any other event where your audience’s opinions count, our audience response wireless keypad system is the answer.

Ultimate Audience Response™ can provide the tools to increase the value and effectiveness of any meeting. Some of the potential applications of an audience response system (ARS) are listed below. But in all sincerity, absolutely every situation where people gather can benefit from audience response keypads. There are a limitless number of ways a company could take advantage of the input available with this technology. Local governments could benefit from the polling functions as well. Marketing and advertising firms could utilize our keypads to conduct market research and opinion polls as they test new products and/or the ad campaigns to sell them. We recently provided keypads for a ballroom dance competition, allowing for a people’s choice award to be given for the first time.

A small group offering opinions with Ultimate Audience Response
A large group engages with the speaker using Ultimate Audience Response

Here are just some of the applications of our Audience Response System:

  • Employee Training Meetings
  • Corporate Game Shows
  • Team-Building Programs
  • Market Research
  • Electronic Brainstorming
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Mock Trials
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Public Hearings and Council Meetings
  • Training Certifications
  • Any event that could benefit from interactive audience polling

And while our keypads ensure everyone’s involvement, the real-time results generated by our software provide the real value to your organization. For example, what if your president, CEO or guest keynote speaker were able to adjust their presentation from the stage based on the audience’s responses to carefully planned questions? With our system it is not only possible, it is instantaneous. You can ensure that exactly the right messages are being delivered to this specific audience based on their responses to demographic, opinion, or product knowledge oriented questions. Imagine the possibilities of this powerful capability.

The benefits of using an audience response system are profound!

It is a tragic statistic that at the typical business meeting, three times more money is spent on food and beverages than is spent to deliver the meeting’s message and content. How can a sandwich or bagel be three times more important than the purpose of the meeting? This just doesn’t make any sense! The unfortunate result is that your messages are lost and of course the meal is quickly forgotten.

With a system from Ultimate Audience Response, you will keep the focus on the training material. You will also keep your entire audience involved and interested as you drive home your important messages and get their input and feedback as they play game shows, answer survey questions, and share their opinions. Audience response is the smartest money you can spend for your meeting, and no provider offers a greater value than Ultimate Audience Response.

There are numerous benefits of utilizing state-of-the-art audience response technology from Ultimate Audience Response:

  • Your audience will be more involved and engaged.
  • You will get immediate feedback.
  • We will help you evaluate real-time whether meeting content is being understood.
  • By incorporating one of our game formats, team-work and communication is strengthened.
  • Because responses can be anonymous, you can receive candid, honest responses to issues and ideas.
  • You will be able to monitor and improve information retention in real-time.
  • Accelerate learning with the ability to instantly adjust the teaching style based on question results.
  • Add excitement and enthusiasm to the meeting whether you choose one of our game formats, or not.
A meeting attendee excitedly participates using Ultmate Audience Response.

Involvement equals greater ROI on your meeting investment.

It’s a proven fact that audiences learn better when they are involved. Do you remember your favorite teacher from school? Were they your favorite because they lectured better than your other teachers? Probably not. Most likely they were your favorite because they engaged you in the lesson plans. Audience response technology recreates that positive learning environment by allowing every member of the audience to participate. Imagine how much more effective this will be than a meeting with a series of talking heads with boring PowerPoint presentations. Once your audience is given the opportunity to be involved they won’t ever want to go back to traditional one directional meetings again.

Studies at two major universities report that attendees of non-interactive meetings spend 30-50% of the time NOT paying attention to the content. say that between 30% to 50% of the time they spend in meetings is NOT focused on the content. One study found that almost three quarters of the meeting attendees surveyed admitted to doing other work while during the meeting. More than a third confessed to dozing off during a meeting. And nearly every one claimed to have dozed off.

It is no wonder that the Wall Street Journal recently reported that most CEO’s believe that meetings, both small and large, just don’t deliver the return on investment that is desired. The results and feedback received from Ultimate Audience Response events has been remarkable. Where the audience used to sit and listen, now they become active participants providing invaluable feedback on event subject matter and increased audience retention through their involvement.

The bottom line is that Ultimate Audience Response gives you direct access to your meeting attendees. You can get their opinions and feedback on topics and immediately understand their level of comprehension. This access will significantly increase meeting ROI through improved audience participation and communication.