Ultimate Game Show® brings you The Ultimate Derby – Animated Horse Racing

Say goodbye to casino nights and hello to the horses!

The Ultimate Game Show® is super excited to offer you the most exciting new event entertainment available. Animated Horse Racing! That’s right, you can bring all the excitement and flamboyant fashion of the Kentucky Derby to your next event. You absolutely can’t imagine the reactions of your guests as the yell, scream, wave their napkins and even whip their own behinds as the cheer on the ponies they chose. We are pretty sure that the louder your crowd yells, the faster these digital thoroughbreds run towards the finish line. We’re pretty sure you also can’t imagine the outrageous derby hats, flamboyant dresses and fancy suits your guests will adorn if you add a costume contest to the agenda.

We will produce a set of customized horse race animations that feature horses and owners that you and/or your VIPs get to name. These will be announced throughout the races by a professional horse race announcer. And we’ve developed a variety or wagering formats ranging from raffle style to real para-mutual betting with live odds and several stops in between. Much like a casino night guests are either competing for raffle tickets or “funny money” that they can turn in for real prizes. For an additional charge we can even custom print “funny money” with the boss’s face on them!

Whether you are planning a cocktail mixer, corporate banquet or large conference, The Ultimate Derby will be a smash hit with your entire group. It’s fast-paced, its brand new and it will have people talking long after your event is over.

Use Ultimate Derby as the centerpiece of a derby themed event, combine it with any one of our game show formats or to emphasize the race theme you can pair it with our other service Checkered Flag Interactive Racing™ and your guests can switch between driving remote control NASCARS and playing the ponies.

Here is a short cell phone video showing a large corporate banquet’s reaction to The Ultimate Derby!
Listen to that excitement and enthusiasm!

Here’s another cell phone video showing The Ultimate Derby at a smaller mixer!
Check out these Reactions!

Call today to learn more about The Ultimate Derby and your guests will be running wild– along with our horses.