Additional Options/Upgrades from Ultimate Game Show®

Add-Ons And Options are available for many of our game show formats.

Below are some of the many add-ons we have available. Prices vary so please ask your sales consultant for assistance with any of these. Depending on the specifics of your event and the game format we are presenting, some of these items may already be included in your base package price:

  • Souvenir Photo/Lead Capture System: This is a MUST HAVE for marketing events and trade shows. Our proprietary system will take photos of the game show contestants. Then after their game they will go to one of our iPad kiosks and find their photo, which as automatically been superimposed with a game show border and YOUR logo. They tap their photo enter their information and within 15 minutes they receive an email that contains their photo and any other marketing messages or company information you want to include. But more importantly the email also includes social media share buttons which takes your game beyond the event site and onto popular social media sites. Finally, after the event we provide you with the list of leads that were captured by our system. Your participants get a unique branded souvenir, your event goes viral and you get a list of leads. What could be better?!
Ultimate Game Show's proprietary souvenir photo/lead capture system.
  • Ultimate Prize Wheel: This popular add-on is a key element in a few of our game show formats, but it can be incorporated into nearly every game or used as a stand-alone method for giving out prizes or promotional items. Our beautiful prize wheel stands far above those cheap plastic ones that have become popular at marketing events. Free-standing and constructed of wood this wheel has a four foot diameter and metal posts that provide a serious click sound. The wheel surface is magnetic so the color scheme and prizes can be easily customized. The centerpiece of our wheel is the centerpiece. It is a separate piece in front of the prize wheel, meaning your logo can always be properly aligned and clearly readable. It sounds like a small distinction, but it has a large visual impact. This piece is also magnetic so adding your branding is simple and affordable. So whether you want to have on-stage game show winners spin for a prize or trade show booth visitors to spin for a promotional item, our Ultimate Prize Wheel is the classiest you can find.
  • Ultimate Prize Board: Similar to the wheel this 7′ tall x 7′ wide prize board offers a variety of uses. It is the key set-piece in several of our games, but can be used as an enhancement to most any game. After contestants win a round of whatever game we’re playing we can bring them over to the board to select their prize. Obviously this is more impactful when you have a collection of higher value prizes, but we can make it work with anything. Our hosts will wheel and deal with them before and after they’ve made a choice, just like on that popular TV game show. Or if you’re planning a marketing event this is a fantastic way to giveaway prizes and promotional items. We can also present several “games of chance” with the Ultimate Game Board. Of course your logo will be prominently displayed across the top of the board and on the backs of all the prize cards or envelopes. And if our blue color doesn’t work for you, no big deal… we can have the entire board re-skinned  for a surprisingly low price.
  • Prizes:
    • Standard Prizes: We can provide small prizes for the winners of each game as well as larger prizes for over-all winners if your event features a final round
    • Personalized Prizes: We can provide customized prizes featuring your company’s logo and message for the winners of each game as well as larger prizes for over-all winners if your event features a final round.
    • Deluxe Prizes: We have an incentive reward partner who can help us provide you with premium prizes ranging from electronics to outings to vacations. They’ve even helped us give away cars and huge cash prizes!


  • Audio-Visual Equipment:
    • Small Events: We have smaller groups covered with our in-house equipment. We can provide a small sound system, 6′ x 8′ video screen or multiple TV monitors, projectors, wireless microphones, video switcher and more. We also have a pipe and drape backdrop with shimmery silver “game show curtains”.
    • Large Events: For more than 10 years we’ve been partnered with a phenomenal full-service event production company who can do it all. From basic A/V needs to full-scale spectacles featuring huge stages, custom built back drop sets, concert sound systems, video walls, rigged lighting packages, TV cameras and operators to i-mag the presenters onto the screens, and top-notch specialists to make sure each element works as good as it looks. There’s no idea too large for us.